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seventh Stark kid.

kristen ; canada.
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musician & aspiring writer with too many books and a lot of spare time.
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Decisions are the endless uncertainties of life that we’ll not know if they’re right until the very end, so do the best you can and hope it’s right.

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Jemima West + black & white

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Benedict Cumberbatch on children/relationships

“I have been broody for the last five years because I have two godchildren…I am not racingly modern; that is just where my head is at at the moment…I think I’d like to [have children] before I am 35. I know you pick up an amazing amount of stamina the minute you become a dad, but I would like to be a young dad. I would love to have the ability to juggle a career and have a young child.”
-being asked about his preoccupation with fathering a child

“Not being a dad by the age of 32”
-on his biggest disappointment

“I wish I could say having children”
-when asked about his biggest achievement

“Yes and no. I have a sort of clock ticking. I’d really like to be a dad before I’m 40…”
-does he enjoy being a bachelor

“I’ve been broody since I was 12, but I can’t just get anyone pregnant, it has got to be the right person.”

“I’m a bit behind on that. Maybe it’s because I was an only child, but I’ve always wanted kids.”
-how long he’s been wanting a family of his own

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Favorite candids of Lily Collins (requested by anonymous)

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have you ever seen someone so attractive that you can’t even look at them because it’s like you’re embarrassing yourself

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